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  23-08-2017 10:37

Japanese cuisine is one of the things that many people visiting to Japan are excited. It includes a number of regional specialities.

There is a group of dishes unique in Nagoya, among them is a tasting dish which is called "Kishimen".

Kishimen(きし麺), a type of flat noodlle, a significant dish which has been adored by local people in Nagoya area for a long time. Nowadays, it has become one of the popular types of noodle in Japan.

This famous speciality of Nagoya is much like udon- long, thick and soft white noodle. It can be served in many ways, but the broth is likely either white (salt) or red ( soy sauce). The dishes are often decorated with tuna, kamaboko, tempura, fried tofu and spinach

Summer ends, and Autumn comes. From September 2017, Benkay restaurant offers the "Nagoya taste" to Japanese cuisine lovers in Hanoi. There are several choices like Kake Kishimen, Ebi Ten Kishimen, Buta Shbu Kishimen, Wakame Konbu Kishimen and Kitsune Shironegi Kishimen with price from VND280,000++.

Ebi Ten Kishimen

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