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Tenobe Udon

  28-02-2017 15:28

Udon is one of traditional wheat flour noodle of Japanese cuisine, which has wide variations in regions and dishes.

Tenobe udon (手延べうどん) is one of the three major udon varieties in Japan, which is famous on the islands of Goto city, Nagasaki prefecture.

"Goto Tenobe Udon is produced after the repeated process of maturing and stretching and it takes more than 10 hours.This long process enables soft but glutinous texture. It is made individually using camellia oil from camellias that grow naturally on the islands of Goto City, which create their firmness and smooth texture. It is chewy, shiny-textured noodles, which slips smoothly down your throat." - said a local chef.

Goto Tenobe Udon is usually served chilled or hot with dashi - aromatic broth made on spot from dried bonito filet flakes, and other toppings such as tempura, tofu... 

From March 2017, Japanese cuisine lovers in Hanoi can easily indulge real Japanese taste of Goto Tenobe Udon at Benkay restaurant with price from VND 280,000++


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