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Bamboo charcoal roll cake

  14-03-2017 06:16

Takesumi (竹炭) - Japanese bamboo charcoal is called "the black diamond", an environmentally functional material featuring excellent absorption properties with high mineral and the effect of detoxification & anti-aging. In Japan, the food with bamboo charcoal powder is considered as an effective method of body purification.

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In Japan, only mature Mosochiku bamboo plants of Miyazaki Prefecture with high nuntrient content are harvested to make bamboo charcoal.They are burned in ovens at temperatures ranging from 800 to 1200 °C, then the charcoal itself is processed and mixed in with fabrics as part of the growing field of nanotechnology. 


In order to offer diners the purest and most healthy delicious products, the pastry chef of Hotel Nikko Hanoi have created the unique Black sesame charcoal roll cake, at price VND180,000 net/ whole cake (including VAT & service charge)

Black sesame is a familiar ingredient in Orient cuisine with high nutrion and good for health, combining with the excellent body purification of bamboo charcoal, offering us a fancy black roll cake which is very attractive to all diners.

The added point of this unique cake is the bread part which is made from rice flour - a non-traditional ingredient of bakery.  This is totally different from other items on market those are almost made from wheat flour with gluten that few people are allergied with, and also makes the cake dry and hard. The great combination between rice flour and charcoal powder creates an extreme softness for the cake. Let's taste a piece of this fancy black cake with the fragrance of sesame oil and pure rice flour to feel the the difference of your body after inside-detoxification by charcoal powder.