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Hotel Nikko Hanoi achieved The Guide Awards 2016 – 2017

  17-10-2017 09:29

Recently, Vietnam Economic Times orgainzed The Annual 18th The Guide Awards with the theme “ Green Tourism for Green Economy”

The Guide Awards is an anual award in order to recognize the achievements and contributions of 115 top enterprises, organizations, individuals, and localities in Vietnam to the country’s tourism development throughout the year.

In the awards for hotels, Hotel Nikko Hanoi is very honored to receive the certificate for “Excellent Hotel of the Year” , featuring “Hotel with excellent service and a Japanese spirit of hospitality” .



Ever since founded in 1998, for 19 years continuously working and developing, Hotel Nikko Hanoi have always tried our best to bring “services from the heart”, providing excellent hospitality experience and highest satisfaction for our valuable guests. Warm welcomes, professional services and whole-hearted entertainment are also features of Japanese way of hospitality and customer service.

The Guide Awards 2016 – 2017 have made a recognition for continuous effort of the whole staffs of Hotel Nikko Hanoi in providing best hospitality experience and top services for local as well as international guests.