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Hotel Nikko Hanoi Tanabata Event

  05-07-2018 14:26

Tanabata, or the Star Festival, is held on the evening of July 7. The festival traces its origins to a legend that the Cowherd Star (Altair) and Weaver Star (Vega), lovers separated by the Milky Way, are allowed to meet just once a year--on the seventh day of the seventh month.


In Japan, people write their wishes on Tanzaku (narrow strips of colored paper) and hang them, along with other paper ornaments, on bamboo branches placed in the backyards or entrances of their homes. They then pray hard that their wishes will come true.

In Hotel Nikko Hanoi, we prepare bamboo tree and tanzaku at the Lobby from July 1 to July 7.

Please come to write your wish for your important person on the tanzaku and hang on the bamboo tree.