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Hotel Nikko Hanoi awarded the 1st in the 9th Energy Efficient Building Competition 2015 - 2016

  05-12-2016 12:12

Recently, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, in collaboration with Energy conservation center HCMC, has organized the 9th Energy-Efficient buildings award in Ho Chi Minh City. Hotel Nikko Hanoi has awarded as the first in the Retrofitted Buildings category thanks to our effort toward sustainable and green economy.

Hotel Nikko Hanoi is always the pioneer in the application of technology to energy recycling and efficiently energy-saving solutions, especially in lighting, air conditioning and water heating systems.

All restaurants, lobby, corridor areas are designed to maximize natural light, providing effective internal lighting and reducing energy use. In public area, we aim to maximize natural ventilation, especially airflow quality insides basement areas.

Hotel Nikko Hanoi uses boiler system for water heating purpose, the cooler water then returns to the boiler to be reheated. This hydronic system helps to reduce operating costs and saving energy from the close process.

Besides the operating system, we also have an energy-saving board which consists concerned departments responsible to monitoring energy consumption and ensuring energy efficiency.

Hotel Nikko Hanoi also organize team-building activities every year related to energy saving, such as Nikko green day – cleaning up the areas around hotel, drawing propaganda in corridors and elevators by hotel staffs, etc. in order to expose our Environmentally responsible spirit.