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Japanese traditional Oshougatsu experience at "Mochi Pounding Ceremony"

  29-12-2016 14:10

01 Jan 2017, at Hotel Nikko Hanoi, the cultural event "Mochi Pounding Ceremony 2017" has been organized in Japanese traditional style, which attracted the participant of not only Japanese community staying in Hanoi but also Vietnamese young generation who loves Japanese culture.

Japan is Orient country with ancient culture imbued with national identity, and harmonious combination between traditional and modern feature creating a very unique characteristic.

Unlike many other Asian countries influenced by Chinese culture, Japan have used the Solar calendar instead of the Lunar calendar for long time. Therefore, Japanese people also host the New Year Festival on the Solar calendar, with many customs and traditional rituals imbued unique cultural identities.

Pounding mochi in the first day of new year is a traditional custom and beatiful culture of Japanese people, with the desire for new year with full of health, luck and success. In order to organize a cultural event for the Japanese expatriate community and promote beauty of Japanese culture to Hanoi citizens, Hotel Nikko Hanoi has reappeared a real traditional Mochi Pounding Ceremony as Japanese style.

Attending "Mochi pounding Ceremony 2017" at Hotel Nikko Hanoi, participants had opportunity to watch all Japamese traditional ceremonies: “Sake Barrel Break” and “Mochi Tsuki”

Being the only 5-star hotel in Hanoi managed by the leading Japanese hotel & aviation group, besides providing international standards accommodation service, Hotel Nikko Hanoi always leads to the mission to introduce Japanese culture to Vietnamese people.

Other pictures of Mochi Pounding Event: