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Enjoy the fine of Suntory Whisky with YAMAZAKI and HAKUSHU 25 years

  10-07-2018 09:52

Unique opportunity and only at Hotel Nikko Hanoi

With its delicate, and elegant taste, in recent years, Japan has won the gold medal at many international whiskey tournaments. In 2012, a 25-year-old Yamazaki bottle beat more than 300 bottles of malt in a blind tasting. Also in this year, two bottles of Yamazaki and 25-year-old Hakushu won the "Blue Ribbon" award for high-end whiskey at the 17th annual International Alcohol Challenge. 2012.

There will be nothing more wonderful than enjoying one of the world's finest wines, in a gourmet Japanese dining space, along with fresh, standard Japanese dishes, all of which will bring you a real party sublimated!

(Image source: sanhruou.com)