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Hotel Nikko Hanoi implement AED machine

  22-12-2016 05:28

According to WHO, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of human’s worldwide. Average every four adults over 25 years old, there will be at least one person at risk for cardiovascular disease.

Do you know?

In case of sudden cardiac arrest, if not quickly implement defibrillator to deliver oxygen to the blood and bring the blood to the brain within 10 minutes, the mortality rate is very high.
Understand the importance and urgency to handle the problems related to the health and life of the customers in case of emergency, Hotel Nikko Hanoi has invested the automatic machine cardiogenic shock AED manufactured and worldwide exclusively distributed by Alsok (Japan).

Cardiogenic shock Machine Automated External Defibrillator automated external (AED)

"AED" is an acronym for "Automated External Defibrillator", an apparatus used electrical impulses to stimulate the heart in state of inactivity back to normal condition.

AED of Alsok is the first and only comprehensive AED offering the ability to respond to the pace and depth of chest compressions by Support CPR Authenticity.

With real-time feedback, rescuers can manually perform best possible quality CPR when victims are in sudden cardiac arrest (Sudden Cardiac Arrest - SCA).
AED can guide rescuers to follow Chain Survival emergency all cardiac arrest patients, not just those who need cardiac shock.

Always concerned about the health and safety of customers

In addition to the 24/7 service health care center, Hotel Nikko Hanoi is the first and only hotel in Vietnam at present that equipped an AED to be ready to rescue people in case of sudden cardiac arrest.
For the best preparation, Hotel Nikko Hanoi has organized training sessions for all staffs, especially the service departments that directly contact with customers, to ensure AED manipulation onsite accurately and quickly.

"We always want that all customers who stay at our hotel will have absolute peace of mind and satisfaction with the service as well as our attention to them." – Rep. Hotel Nikko Hanoi said.